OUTSIDER24 collects data from diverse and contradictory news sources for every trending subject and bring them right next to each other.

OUTSIDER24 is for intelligent citizens who prefer to compare and contrast the headlines and news sources from contradictory views in order to have better judgement.

OUTSIDER24 is committed to a 360-degree view on every single subject, and we prove it in ACTION. 


OUTSIDER24 is determined to help people see the contradictory views about trending subjects and generate clear Big Picture.


OUTSIDER24 will facilitate the way people analyze events by giving them access to diverse and contradictory views.

In recent years everybody in politics and even sometimes in economics is criticizing media for bias. In US for example, the left accuses the right-wing media of bias and radicalism as the right expresses an exactly same bias with regard to left wing media. When it comes to the observation of media bias by people this issue becomes even more concerning.

In a poll by Gallup in 2018 it was found that 62% of U.S. adults believe that the news they see in newspapers, on television or hear on the radio is biased and that 44% say it’s inaccurate or full of misinformation. This observation can be done even by looking at the headlines of the top stories in politics and the tone of voice behind those headlines.

At “OUTSIDER24” we believe this is the only way we can drive through the wall of biased, radical and sometimes inaccurate news agendas that different political parties might be interested in. We believe we can bring a more transparent and informative picture of news and what’s really happening for the audience.

Outsider24.com aims to become a platform that can bring fairness and equality in producing news, interpreting news and applications of those interpretations on a global scale.

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