Media Bias - Nov 9th

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Media bias continues to exist in the foggy environment of news and information industry. It is interesting to notice that different news media sources continue to have bias even when they are talking about the very subject of "media bias". In we are committed to provide you with a 360 degree  view on every trending subject even when it comes to "media bias" itself. 

Americans' assumptions about elections in the United States do not match the current or historical reality. With few exceptions, American elections have been messy, time-consuming, contested and sometimes violent. The frustrating uncertainty about the 2020 contest between Joe Biden and President Donald Trump is startling only because we do not know our own history, and refuse to recognize the inherited weaknesses in our democratic system which we must, at last, reform.

When Sharyl Attkisson discusses media bias, she isn’t just sharpshooting from a distant perch. She’s a true insider, having worked at CNN in the early days, when it was all news instead of peacocking personalities and venting about politics. She went on to be a star correspondent and anchor for CBS News, from which she resigned in frustration six years ago. When she talks about what kinds of stories get on the air and why, she has specific, damning details. In her new book “Slanted: How the News Media Taught Us to Love Censorship and Hate Journalism” (Harper), out later this month, she brings the receipts.

Tuesday’s election made clear, once again, how politically divided we are as a nation. But there’s at least one thing Americans agree on across the political gulf: They don’t trust the news media.

Could Google swing an election? A string of leaks over the past four years suggests the tech giant has gone above and beyond to suppress conservative, independent media and the Trump movement.

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