California Stay At Home Order

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A new stay-at-home order will be imposed on Southern California and the San Joaquin Valley Sunday night, as the coronavirus crisis spirals out of control with a speed that has exceeded health officials’ most dire projections.

Some 33 million Californians will be subject to the new order, representing 84% of the state’s population. The state mandated the restrictions in the Southland and Central Valley as capacity at hospitals’ intensive care units hit dangerously low levels. Five Bay Area counties will also begin lockdown restrictions in the coming days despite not yet reaching the threshold at which such action is mandated by the state.

The rules are less sweeping than California’s pioneering stay-at-home order in the spring, which is credited with slowing the first COVID-19 wave. But the new order will change daily life for many, especially in suburban Southern California counties like Orange and Ventura, which so far have enjoyed more open economies than hard-hit Los Angeles County.

A small business owner said Sunday that California's new coronavirus shutdown may force him out of business. 

Alex Miladi, the owner of a karate academy in South Yuba City, told "Fox & Friends" his business has already taken a 70% hit as a result of prior California lockdown measures to contain the virus.

“This coming lockdown will pretty much put us out [of business],” he said.

Asheriff in California has insisted his deputies will not enforce any "Regional Stay-At-Home Order" order, while another has criticized the state's governor for suggesting funding cuts for counties that do not enforce the new rules.

Orange County Sheriff Don Barnes said in a statement that compliance was "a matter of personal responsibility and not a matter of law enforcement."

It comes just days after California Gov. Gavin Newsom announced the new orders would be brought in to help prevent hospitals from becoming overwhelmed by COVID patients.

The orders apply to certain areas (listed below) which report hospital ICU capacity falling below 15 percent, and require residents to stay home for three weeks. Under the order, which has not yet taken effect for any area, non-essential travel is banned, while bars, salons, and in-person dining at restaurants will be closed.

Orange County Sheriff Don Barnes announced Saturday that his agency would not enforce the new coronavirus-related lockdown enacted in California.

According to the Associated Press, Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) announced a plan last week for the most restrictive lockdown since the beginning of the pandemic if the state's COVID-19 metrics met certain thresholds, which has now happened.

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