Georgia Senate Race

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The Senate race in Georgia is the hottest race it could ever get. The winning party either controls the senate or at least prevents the other party from obtaining the majority control. This is do or die competition for both parties. 

Georgia Republican Sen. David Perdue has declined an invitation to debate Democratic challenger Jon Ossoff ahead of the January runoff election for his seat, CNN has learned, and will instead be represented by an empty podium.

Sen. David Perdue won't debate Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff before the Jan. 5 Georgia runoff election despite pressure from the challenger to do so, sparking a heated back-and-forth between the campaigns less than two months before voters will head to the polls in a race that could decide control of the U.S. Senate. 

Republican Senator Kelly Loeffler called Democratic Raphael Warnock the "most radical candidate in America" on Monday as the two continued to battle it out ahead of Georgia's Senate runoff.

The Georgia Senate runoff races in the first week of January decide control of the Senate. Crucially, they also decide the ability for the left to pass legislation supporting bans on the sale and possession of AR-15 rifles.

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