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Following Sunday’s Georgia Senate run-off debate, some social media users falsely claimed that Republican Sen. Kelly Loeffler was wearing an earpiece, implying that she may have been fed answers. 

It’s a truly unoriginal conspiracy theory. The same baseless claim was lobbed at President-elect Joe Biden during his first debate with President Donald Trump and has circulated about different elections, even those before the social media age. 

Peddlers of the conspiracy theory pointed to a lock of Loeffler’s hair on Sunday night to claim it was a wire. 

The Atlanta Press Club, which hosted the debate, responded to the online claims Monday morning, tweeting that the candidates “had no audio assistance from their campaigns.”

Sen. Kelly Loeffler said in a debate Sunday that the Rev. Raphael Warnock is a “socialist” who wants to “fundamentally change” the nation and warned voters in Georgia that he will fall in line with radical elements of the Democratic Party if elected to the Senate.

“The Democrats want to fundamentally change America, and the agent of change is my opponent, radical liberal Raphael Warnock — someone that has attacked police from the pulpit, someone who has attacked our military, someone that has agreed to raise taxes on hardworking Georgians,” Ms. Loeffler said.

Mr. Warnock countered that Ms. Loeffler, the wealthiest member of Congress, has engaged in the “politics of distraction and division” as a way to divert attention from her suspicious stock trades and from her failure to stand up for “ordinary people” struggling to make ends meet.

Of all the vile ways that Republicans have sought to justify President Trump’s effort to overturn his election loss, one of the worst is the ubiquitous claim that Trump is merely pursuing his legal right to contest the results.

Sen. Kelly Loeffler, who is campaigning in one of the two Georgia runoffs, repeated this assertion at a debate on Sunday night. But the circumstances under which Loeffler said this reveal what’s really at the core of this notion in all its corrupt and anti-democratic glory.

ATLANTA, Georgia — Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) said in her closing statement during the Georgia Senate debate Sunday that she advocates for the “American dream” while Democrat Raphael Warnock calls for socialism.

Loeffler said that there remains a stark contrast between her and Warnock: Loeffler wants to help further Americans’ path to prosperity, while Warnock wants to pursue progressivism in the Senate.

She said:

Well, thank you to everyone who tuned into this important debate. You can see what is at stake. There are two visions for our country: mine, the American dream, my opponent, socialism. This is what is on the ballot on January 5th — the American dream. I was born and raised on a farm; I grew up working in the fields. I built my career, became a job creator right here in Georgia. I have been blessed to live the American dream.

Loeffler then charged that Warnock in the Senate would act as an “agent of change” to pursue a leftist agenda.

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