Election Dispute - Dec 10th

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Pennsylvania and three other states urged the U.S. Supreme Court to declare the 2020 presidential election over by quickly rejecting an unprecedented Texas lawsuit that seeks to reverse Joe Biden’s victory over Donald Trump.

In court filings Thursday, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan and Wisconsin offered the court a menu of grounds for disposing of the lawsuit, which seeks to overturn results in those states and block them from casting their collective 62 electoral votes for Biden when the Electoral College meets on Monday. The court could act as soon as this week.

“Texas’s effort to get this court to pick the next president has no basis in law or fact,” Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro argued. “The court should not abide this seditious abuse of the judicial process, and should send a clear and unmistakable signal that such abuse must never be replicated.”

Backed by Trump and 17 other Republican-controlled states, Texas is seeking an extraordinary, last-minute intervention by the high court. Texas says its citizens’ rights were violated because the four states unconstitutionally expanded mail-in voting and opened up their elections to fraud and irregularities. In a filing Monday, Texas said that a “dark cloud hangs over the 2020 election.”

Missouri and five other states on Thursday threw their support even further behind the Texas lawsuit aiming to prevent Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin's electors from casting their electoral votes by asking the Supreme Court to let them join the Texas suit. 

Missouri on Wednesday led a group of 17 states in filing a brief that supported the Texas lawsuit, which alleges that the four key swing states that voted for President-elect Joe Biden violated the Constitution by having their judicial and executive branches make changes to their presidential elections rather than their legislatures. 

But the Thursday filing led by Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt, which also includes Arkansas, Utah, Louisiana, Mississippi and South Carolina, would make those states parties before the court in the case rather than just outside voices weighing in. President Trump's campaign did the same on Wednesday. 

"The intervening states do not doubt that plaintiff state of Texas will vigorously and effectively litigate this case, but the attorney general of each individual state is best situated to represent the interests of that state and its people," the six states said in their request. 

Hundreds of elected and appointed Republicans around the country are backing President Donald Trump’s false claims he won the 2020 presidential election, a widespread embrace that is likely to empower Trump’s grip over the GOP even after he leaves office and turn belief in Trump’s falsehoods into a litmus test for a significant segment of Republican voters. 

The Republicans embracing Trump’s cause, and the nonsensical conspiracy theories used to justify it, come from every level of government. They include prominent senators like Texas’ Ted Cruz, ambitious attorneys general, well-known conservative bombthrowers and little-known state legislators. They are egged on by a vocal portion of GOP voters who refuse to accept President-elect Joe Biden’s victory, and are unlikely to change their minds anytime soon. 

“This is going to be a long-term litmus test for some Republicans. Even though Trump’s leaving office, he’s not going to let go of the reins of the party,” said Ryan Williams, a GOP operative who was a top spokesman for Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential campaign. He contrasted Trump with former Republican President George W. Bush: “He’s not going to go back to Crawford, Texas, to paint portraits of dogs and foreign leaders.” 

The efforts have zero chance of actually overthrowing the election. Almost every Republican with the power to somehow impact the result has declined to indulge Trump’s delusions, and many have subsequently faced vociferous criticism from other members of their party. 

Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, on Thursday told Newsmax TV that more investigation has to be done to get to the bottom of "all the strange things" about the 2020 presidential election.

In an interview on “American Agenda,” Jordan quickly answered “I’m for that,” when questioned if he'd back a special counsel to look into any irregularities.

“President [Donald] Trump wins 19 of the 20 bellwether counties around the country, increases his vote with hispanic Americans, African Americans,” Jordan said.

“But somehow Joe Biden, who hung out in his basement, who would have a rally and get 55 people when the president would have a rally and get 55,000 people. Somehow Joe Biden gets 80 million votes and wins. He gets 12 million more votes than Barack Obama did. 

“Nothing squares with what we know and historically what's happened,” Jordan continued. “That's why I think it's so critical we do everything we can to figure out exactly what took place.”

According to Jordan, “all the strange things about this election” merit a deep-dive.

“Seventy-five million voted for President Trump … close to 60 million people think the election was stolen” and “a third of the electorate does not believe” the balloting,” he said.

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