Polls - Dec 14th

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With the Electoral College poised to elect Joe Biden on Monday, a sizable 62% majority of the nation's voters feel the election is "over and settled" and it's "time to move on." Large majorities feel their own votes were counted correctly, and a majority acknowledge Mr. Biden as the "legitimate winner."

But the president's backers feel very differently: 82% of Trump voters say they do not consider Mr. Biden legitimate and — perhaps most notably for the coming transition month — almost half of President Trump's voters say Mr. Trump should refuse to concede after that Electoral College vote happens, and instead do all he can to stay in power.

As a rationale, the Trump voters who do not see Mr. Biden as legitimate widely accept Mr. Trump's premise for overturning the election results, and — even as states have certified results and courts have ruled against challenges — echo the president's assertions of fraud.

As the first U.S. coronavirus inoculations take place, a majority thinks the country failed to take the virus seriously enough -- and fewer than one in five says the virus is under control.  In addition, the number planning to get vaccinated is up to 61 percent. 

That’s according to the latest Fox News survey of registered voters nationwide.

Fifty-six percent feel that the U.S. did not take the threat posed by coronavirus seriously enough.  That includes 34 percent of Republicans and 72 percent of Democrats.

Twenty-three percent say the country reacted appropriately, while almost as many there was an overreaction.  Nearly half of those who say the country overreacted call the virus a hoax -- 8 percent of voters overall. 

As members of the Electoral College get ready to cast their ballots for president Monday, a new poll shows President Donald Trump’s supporters are still not ready to accept that their candidate lost. More than eight in 10 Trump voters, or 82 percent to be exact, say they don’t consider President-elect Joe Biden the legitimate winner of the presidential election, according to a CBS News/YouGov poll released Sunday. And almost half of all Trump voters say the president shouldn’t concede even after the Electoral College votes for Biden.

A clear majority of voters, though, think the election is done and everyone should accept the results. Overall, 62 percent of voters say the election is “over and settled” and it’s time to move on. For 64 percent of voters, Republicans in Congress should “move on to other matters.” Trump voters don’t see it that way, though, as three out of every four of them believe Republicans in Congress need to focus on trying to keep Trump in power.

A vast majority of Americans remain “confident” they are protecting themselves from the Chinese coronavirus by wearing masks, a Gallup survey found. The findings precede a Danish study that cast doubt on the efficacy of surgical masks and comes as experts emphasize the importance of social distancing.

“Which of the following are reasons why you feel confident you are able to protect yourself in public?” the survey asked.

Respondents overwhelmingly chose “you wear a mask in public” as the number one reason they feel confident, followed by 51 percent who said, “Other people wear masks when in public.”

Social distancing, which some experts have identified as more efficient in preventing the transmission of the virus than wearing surgical or cotton masks, came in third, with 49 percent choosing the option.

Thirty-six percent said they remained confident in protecting themselves from the virus because they are “personally healthy,” and one-third said, “Other people do a good job following public health measures.”

Thirteen percent noted that individuals in their age group do not usually face “serious health effects” from the virus, and eight percent indicated that they do not need to take special precautions “because it is difficult to catch the coronavirus.”

The Gallup survey, conducted November 1-6 as “part of the Franklin Templeton-Gallup Economics of Recovery Study,” surveyed 5,026 adults.

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