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Apple must pay $300 million in royalties following a retrial in a patent dispute, a Texas jury determined Friday. As reported by Reuters, the jury found that Apple should pay patent company Optis Wireless Technology and its related companies because the technology Apple used in its iPhones, iPads, and Watches allegedly infringed Optis’ patents.

Apple and Google’s lucrative app stores are under threat from bipartisan legislation introduced in Congress this week. 

A bill introduced in the House on Friday would bar Apple and Google from blocking users from downloading apps from third-party app stores.
The privacy-first company’s invasive approach isn’t going over well with many. ...
Following widespread outcry from multiple privacy advocates, Apple's own employees are now reportedly raising concerns over the company's decision to scan customers' iPhones and computers for child sex abuse images with many worried that the company could be spying on other user activities and images. ...

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