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Iran grappled with fears of low voter turnout two days ahead of its presidential election as the race narrowed on Wednesday into a showdown between the country’s hard-line judiciary chief and moderate former Central Bank chief.

Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei warned of a foreign conspiracy to undermine the vote while the country’s Interior Ministry acknowledged a startling lack of competition that was turning the election into a coronation for Khamenei’s protégé, hard-liner Ebrahim Raisi.
Iranian vaccine COVIran Barekat was approved after the country was faced with problems from importing enough vaccines. ...
The Supreme Leader is willing to risk the legitimacy of an election to consolidate monolithic hard-line control. ...
Ebrahim Raisi is expected to become Iran's next president after Friday election 
Hardline head of the judiciary is being backed by the mullahs, with more moderate candidates barred from running 
Raisi is known as 'The Butcher' for his involvement in the 1988 purge of political prisoners that saw up to 30,000 executed in just five months 
Here, two people that met Raisi in the torture chambers and courtrooms of Iran recount the horrors that inmates suffered at his hands 

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